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PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC – Pay per click

PPC can be used to help get your business seen online. It can be used to put your business in front of your potential clients when they are online looking for the services that you offer.

Pay Per Click advertising can be used to help grow your business, drive traffic, bring in leads and increase revenue.

What is ppc?

PPC or pay per click, is essentially advertising on search engine results pages. It is a form of digital marketing where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your adverts and visits your website. PPC can be seen as buying traffic to your website unlike SEO where you earn traffic to your website. 

The major benefit of using PPC to attract traffic to your website are that results are instant. You can switch PPC on and off, spending as much or as little as you like to get traffic.

Why Do I Need PPC?

Quite often, after making positive changes to increase organic traffic via SEO, it takes time for the results to take effect. Whereas PPC can bring you traffic immediately. If you have just launched a brand new website and are waiting for search engines to crawl your pages and index them, PPC can be great at driving instant visitors to your business. 

Another benefit of PPC is, If you have a special event, service or product that you want people to see immediately, PPC can get you seen in a very quantifiable and manageable way. PPC gives you lots of control over what your adverts say, when your adverts show and how much you pay when someone clicks one of your adverts. 

How Can Amanda White Digital Help?

Amanda White Digital can start with the basics, finding out when you want your ads to show and how much you want to spend. We can then perform keyword research and create the right adverts for your business. 

I can use various techniques to maximise the effectiveness of an advert, for example, showing your phone number during working hours or creating shopping campaigns to promote your individual products.

With a variety of techniques and technologies available, the first step is having a chat to discuss what it is you want from your website and a PPC campaign. 

Let’s pop the kettle on and have a cuppa and talk PPC.

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