PPC Consultant Cornwall. I can help with your Pay Per Click Advertising.
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PPC – Pay-Per-Click

PPC is a clever tool that can significantly increase the visibility of your business online and as a result, your revenue. It can place your business right in front of your potential clients, at the most relevant and favorable time – when they are online looking for the services you offer.

PPC advertising is a reliable and effective way to drive traffic, bring in leads and ultimately grow your business. It can have a major positive impact on your business and marketing achievements, and I’ve no doubt that not doing it will mean you could miss out on valuable traffic and rewards. PPC is instant, cost-effective and easy to measure and track, plus you will be completely in control, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a form of digital marketing where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your adverts and visits your website. In simple terms, you’ll only be paying for advertising if someone actually clicks on your ad. PPC is recognised as buying visits to your website, unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) where you earn organic visits to your website.

A major advantage of using PPC to attract visits to your website is that you get instant results! You can switch PPC on and off, and spend as much or as little as you like to target the traffic you require, it really is a brilliant business and marketing tool and totally accessible to everyone.

Why Do You Need PPC?

PPC has many benefits, the foremost being that it can bring you traffic immediately, unlike SEO, where it can take time for the positive changes to take effect and be measured. If you have just launched a brand-new website and are waiting for search engines to discover your pages and index them, PPC can be the answer to driving instant visits to your business.

PPC can get you seen instantly in a very quantifiable and manageable way, which is perfect for promoting a special event, service or product that you want potential clients to see immediately. You will have complete control over what your adverts say, when your adverts show and how much you pay when someone clicks one of your adverts.

Why Do You Need PPC and Me?

I can be your guide to getting the best out of PPC, by empowering you with all the know-how you need to grab PPC by the horns, use it with confidence to bring maximum success to your own unique business.

We will start with the basics, identifying when you want your ads to show and how much you want to spend. We can then perform keyword research and work together to create the most engaging and effective adverts for your business.

My vast years of experience have provided me with many insights and techniques to maximise the impact of your adverts. Simple pointers such as; showing your phone number during working hours or creating shopping campaigns to promote your individual products, can really help reap rewards… when you know you know!

With such a wide variety of pioneering techniques now available with PPC, our first step would be to have a chat about what you most want from your website and a potential PPC campaign. We can then develop your own unique PPC campaign, which will naturally evolve, adapt, grow, and ultimately get you all the wins you want for your business.

Let’s pop the kettle on, have a cup of tea and talk PPC.

Make that move towards increasing traffic to your business by contacting Amanda White today!