Growing your business via SEO and PPC

Do you want to reach more customers, increase sales, drive more revenue online or get more leads from your website?

Do you want to get your business found when customers are searching online.

Amanda White Digital can help your business grow.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to utilise digital technology to grow your brand? Whether you’re wanting monthly Newsletters or a weekly blog post, I have the experience to explain the best ways to reach your potential customers online through a range of Digital Marketing Techniques.

Search Engine Optimization. Do you need help getting your business found online. Whether you need a full and comprehensive SEO audit or you simply need someone to explain in plain English what SEO is and how it affects your business, I can help. 

Are you looking to advertise on Google via pay per click advertising? I have a wealth of experience to get the right customers to your website to help grow your business.

What My Clients are Saying?

Working with Amanda is great! She is clear on what she can do relating to her specialists skills and expertises in SEO and digital marketing, but she is also not phased by things she can’t do that are a little outside of those remits! Her can do attitude means she is willing to give something new a try if I ask her too, and we are both learning lots! 😃

Niky Dix   Jul 2020 

Amanda provided us with excellent advice on increasing our web presence, and advised us on SEO. She got back to me quickly, provided me with some great hints and tips that have already got results and is super easy to work with. I’d highly recommend her!

Emma Fowle March 2021

Amanda has been brilliant to work with, efficient, timely and results driven. Highly recommend!

Anna Barrington   Oct 2020 

Experienced, skilful and tenacious. I’ve worked with Amanda a number of times now and hope to do so again in the future. I’d highly recommend her to anyone with online growth ambitions.

Martin Dinham Feb 2021

Amanda White Digital can help your business

Are you looking to build your business online but don’t know where to start?

Are you worried Digital Marketing is too confusing and feeling overwhelmed?

Every Business and website is unique. Together, we discuss how digital marketing can be used to grow your individual business.

PPC to grow your business online

What is it like to work with Amanda White Digital?

Receive personalised one to one advice.

Ask as many questions as you need. It’s your business and it’s important you understand the process. The more you understand the more successful we will be together.

There are no secrets or hidden tactics. Everything is fully transparent.

Receive easy to understand clear information.

Increase your businesses revenue from Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing to grow your business

We create a custom plan of action tailored to your brand.

It’s your business and you are in control. You decide how much or how little of the plan you want to move forwards with.

Digital Marketing is flexible, fully customisable and can grow as your business does.

Together we grow your business.

SEO to grow your business

Are you worried you don’t know what you’re getting when buying a digital service?

Digital Marketing services don’t have to be scary or confusing.

Be in control of your business growth.

Hire Amanda White Digital and gain over ten years of experience and knowledge.

Are you ready to grow your brand online?

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With over 10 years experience in the digital marketing sector and after working with some of the biggest E-commerce brands in the UK, in both an agency and in-house environment, I decided it was time to launch Amanda White Digital.

Amanda White Digital covers everything from technical SEO, outreach, paid advertising, social media marketing, and paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Let Amanda White use her wealth of knowledge and experience to grow your business online.

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