'We Wear Boost' Gets an Online Boost Working With Amanda White Digital - Amanda White Digital
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We Wear Boost SEO and PPC Case Study

‘We Wear Boost’ Gets an Online Boost Working With Amanda White Digital

The Problem

When Sam Jackman from We Wear Boost came to me, she knew she wanted to start advertising on Google and Facebook but wanted control over her growth. She had been to several agencies for quotes and was sold the outcome of fast growth. But Sam didn’t want fast growth. She wanted sustainable growth. She didn’t want to go for a boom-and-bust strategy. She wanted to grow carefully whilst keeping production in Cornwall and staying true to her roots. As a start-up business, she needed to iron out any issues and growing pains gradually without running before her business could walk.

I understood her pain points and we started to work together to increase sales of her brightly coloured silicone breast forms.

The Strategy

Sam started her business when her Mum got cancer and was given a heavy, hot, sweaty breast prosthesis. Sam designed a new lightweight, colourful, gym-friendly, swim-friendly breast form. We started by getting her ads immediately onto Google. We knew this was the right first step. If you did a Google shopping search, all you would see were row after row of beige saggy boobs. We wanted to bring colour to the paid shopping results and give people dealing with the loss of a breast a new opportunity for a better product.

However, it wasn’t that easy! Sam had been trying for a while to muddle through setting up her ads and unfortunately, her Google Merchant Centre account was suspended due to misrepresentation and a few other issues. We worked together to make changes to her website and add vital aspects to finally allow the website to be advertised on Google.

Once the Google Shopping ads were up and running attention was moved to setting up Google Search campaigns as well as Facebook bottom-of-the-funnel remarketing campaigns. The combination of marketing platforms helps to close any gaps in marketing and joins up a multichannel approach. The Paid advertising has been a really positive addition to the website to drive manageable sustainable growth for Sam.

With Social Media and Google Ads steadily growing in traction, attention then turns to the websites SEO and building long-term traffic growth through content and link building.

We Wear Boost Google Shopping Ads

The Results

The results needed to be steady so as to not overwhelm supply and create too much demand. We had targets to reach and were conscious of reaching these without forcing the business to deplete stocks suddenly and putting pressure on the sustainable nature of the business. We started working together in November 2022 spending the first month setting the groundwork, setting up and gaining access to all of the platforms required to run advertising. Setting up Google Analytics 4, Google Ads and Conversion Tracking, Merchant Centre and Facebook Meta Business Suite. Statistics provided throughout this case study compare May 2023 to November 2022.

The results have been exactly what the client wanted. Users increased 33% comparing May 23 to Nov 22. With Conversions up a whopping 315%! Data From Google’s Search Console shows a 104% increase in organic Impressions in the first 6 months. The PPC has shown a real positive impact in increasing sales to the website with an average ROAS of 4. This has given the business confidence to grow and expand gently to push for that next goal.

Increase in Conversion Value From PPC
Increase in Conversions From PPC
Increase in ROAS From PPC
Increase in Organic Traffic From SEO


Understanding your clients’ needs and setting goals is important to achieving their success. This campaign is running beautifully. The PPC account is driving steady returns which is supported by the Facebook ads remarketing to those that have visited the website and not converted. For the next 6 months, we are focusing on the SEO strategy to drive even more conversions from the website from organic channels. Working together we’ve set goals, reached those goals and set some more. Working together is always evolving and both sides being flexible to test new ideas is key to the success of this project.

5* Amanda White Digital

It’s important that both sides understand what is and isn’t achievable. i.e. I would never guarantee first-page rankings on Google. I would always try my best, but you are always at the mercy of so many factors. Google changes its algorithms, competitors change their efforts. It’s a game with ever-moving goalposts. We set out to steadily and gradually grow sales on the website. We have reached those targets and are setting them higher to continue growing at a pace that works for their business.

Making sure you understand your client’s goals is fundamental when successfully working together. I work with many businesses that have never run PPC or Paid Social ads before and are nervous about these new channels. We work together without the jargon, make it easy to understand the process and show what works and what doesn’t. If you’d like to discuss working together on a PPC project and don’t know where to start. Give me. a shout.