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Arco2 Architecture Case Study

Client Case Study – Arco2 Architectural Practice

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 17.60% year on year.
  • Increased priority ranking keywords from 5 to 35.
  • Increased organic traffic from newly created content sessions 693%

The Problem

When Arco2 came to Amanda White Digital, they had two problems:

  • They knew they needed SEO but weren’t sure what they needed.
  • They’d been confused by previous SEO agencies, packages and costs.

Arco2 is an Architectural practise in Cornwall who specialise in eco-friendly, sustainable properties. Their buildings are designed from scratch with low environmental impact at the heart of the business. They build properties that are designed with exceptionally low running costs once built. During construction, they use local materials and sustainable practices to create a truly sustainable business.

When I first met with Arco2, they told me that they had recently launched a new website on WordPress and wanted to grow more qualified leads to their business.

Their other issue, was that they had researched other agencies before. But felt overwhelmed with what they were actually going to achieve and what is was going to cost.

They’d heard of horror stories of paying a monthly fee and only getting a report each month outlining SEO, but not knowing what to do with the report.

This made them cautious of working with any SEO agency or consultants.

Arco2 Architecture Logo.

The Strategy

Our first step was for me to run an SEO audit on the website to identify any technical issues.

This highlighted areas for improvement that would in turn improve SEO results.

Issues included

  • Duplicate meta titles and descriptions.
  • Duplicated pages.
  • Large image file sizes
  • Slow page speeds
  • Thin content
  • 404 pages

Together we then worked on finding the appropriate keywords for Arco2 to target. We decided to target two separate groups of keywords:

  • Location specific keywords
  • Eco/Sustainable keywords

I then benchmarked these keywords, and together we worked on a content plan. We increased the quality and quantity of content going out on the Arco2 news section of the website.

Together we worked on building more content on the website. At the same time we gradually worked though the issues highlighted within the SEO audit.

Once the technical issues within the backend where resolved and the Arco2 team were regularly working on internal content. I worked on link building using external content.

Together we have managed to secure some fantastic coverage including a four page spread in Cornwall Life magazine that included a link within the webs version and a feature on Design and Build UK online magazine.

Editorial Feature in Cornwall Life Magazine.
Article within Cornwall Life magazine with supporting web version.

The Results

January 1st 2020 – December 31st 2020. Compared to January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019.

Organic Traffic – As a direct result of SEO efforts, shows that there has been a 17.33% increase in traffic from Users year on year.

A 16.01% increase in New Users.

Not only are more people coming to the Arco2 website, they are spending 48.82% longer on the website when they visit.

MetricJanuary 1st 2020 – December 31st 2020January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019.
Users4,4545,226 (17.33%)
New Users4,3545,051 (16.01%)
Average Session Duration00:02:1600:03:22 (48.82%)
Total Ranking Keywords535 (600%)

When we started working together, we defined 44 keywords that we wanted to prioritise increasing rankings for.

At the start of this project, only 5 keywords were ranking. Now 35 keywords are ranking.

One area we worked on specifically, was to increase the content within the news section to drive more visits.

Traffic to the news section from Organic has increased by a massive 1,523.26% year on year.

MetricJanuary 1st 2020 – December 31st 2020January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019.
Sessions43698 (1,523.26%)
New Users32582 (1,718.75%)
News/Blog section of the website
Organic Traffic growth to the website.
Organic Traffic growth via the news section of the website.

Every brand is unique and requires a different approach to building traffic online.

Arco2’s strengths lie in their stunning imagery and beautiful buildings. As well as SEO, we also worked together on a plan to increase traffic to the website via Pinterest. Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for people looking to build and hire an architect.

Traffic from Pinterest grew from 103 visits to 500 visits year on year. An increase in 385.44%.

Pinterest traffic to Arco2 year on year growth.

What This Means For Your Business

There’s a digital marketing and SEO strategy for every business — including yours.

Often, either due to past experiences or misconceptions or a lack of understanding, businesses are reluctant to focus on SEO.

All it takes for your business to find success is to use the right strategy, target the right keywords, and create the right content. To do that, you need the right SEO partner. That’s where I can help.

Contact Amanda White Digital if you want to discuss how we could work together to start growing your business via SEO.