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Women In Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO

What is the Women in Tech SEO group?

I’ve been working within the SEO industry for over ten years. I have been so lucky to have worked in some of the biggest agencies in the UK and worked on some of the biggest brands. A highlight is definitely working for Argos on their SEO.

Yet, there has been a slight downside. SEO has always been a male-dominated profession. There’s often an opinion that women couldn’t work within a technical role. There has often been a pay bracket difference between men and women. Which unfortunately I even experienced it firsthand.

In 2019 I was busy taking a break from the fast passed world of SEO whilst on maternity leave. During this time out of the industry, something amazing was happening. In 2019 the amazing Areej AbuAli, who at the time was the SEO manager for Zoopla. Started something amazing. Areej started a community for women that work in the SEO industry.

I had seen a few mentions of Areej and the women in tech group via events like BrightonSEO. It wasn’t long before I joined the community.

Now, this wasn’t another Facebook group that I joined and read posts without getting involved. This was an amazing group of like-minded technical women. Women who love to have a cuppa and a geeky chat about search engine optimisation. I’ve been out of the agency scene a while. Even out of employment for a while whilst maternity leave rolled into lockdowns. But I had found my tribe. A place that is safe and supportive for us women that work in SEO. A place to learn, grow and support each other.

What are the Core Principles of the Women In Tech SEO Group?

The Women In Tech SEO community was set up with some major elements at the forefront of the community and these were

  • To be kind
  • To be helpful
  • To be respectful
  • To be a safe and judgment-free community

This was my kind of community and I couldn’t wait to sign up.

In 2019 the first face-to-face women in tech SEO meetup happened in London. There were another further 8 physical meetups. Sadly, a global pandemic put these on hold. But that didn’t stop Areej.

The community has grown to around 4000 members worldwide. The group hosts amazing speaker events and workshops. They run a podcast, a newsletter, and the best bit, a mentorship program.

Joining The Women In Tech SEO Mentorship program

After being out of the SEO Agency scene for a few years and then on maternity leave that rolled into lockdown. I felt I wasn’t on top of my game when it came to the latest SEO techniques. My confidence had taken a knock but I wasn’t giving up. I applied to the Women in tech SEO mentorship program. I was so lucky to not only get accepted on the program but to get a fantastic mentor. Who turned out to have so much in common with me.

I was paired with the amazing Izzy Wisniewska from Creatos. who not only shares a passion for fitness like myself. She also has a toddler and understands the struggles of keeping up to speed with the latest changes to SEO whilst juggling toddler tantrums.

Thank You Women In Tech SEO

I have loved the mentorship program as I have had someone to talk to about SEO and learn from. Izzy is an amazing female and an inspirational speaker. She has been brave enough to stand up and speak at amazing events like BrightonSEO to present technical talks.

Although she hasn’t succeeded in persuading me to step up to a speaking slot yet. She’s still trying to twist my arm to be brave and step out of my comfort zone. She is such a lovely lady who is so positive and listens. She gives great advice and I can see an SEO friendship forming. Hopefully, we can meet at a live event soon and meet face to face for the first time.

Being part of the women in tech group has been amazing for me. It has given me a group of like-minded ladies to talk to. To ask questions, to answer questions. To make me feel a part of something like agency life that I have lost since maternity leave. It also gives me a place to bounce ideas and ask technical questions to a group of peers as if I was within an agency. But the most important thing, It helps me to grow and learn and no question asked is silly.

If you want to join this amazing group of positive, empowering women you can find out more and join on their website here. If you’re a female and work in SEO it’s honestly the best group around.

I want to say a public thank you to everything Areej and the team is doing at Women in Tech SEO. As well as thank Izzy for all the weekly chats and great mentorship.