I just ran a half marathon! - Amanda White Digital
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Barnstaple hal Marathon

I just ran a half marathon!

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, to say the least. I’ve been up to Brighton for BrightonSEO. I’ve taken part in training using Python for SEO. (It’s a kind of code for crunching data)

I’ve studied a four-day Digital Marketing and Social Media Course. To keep me up to speed with all the latest developments in the industry.

Sadly, all that had left me with a stinking cold and feeling exhausted.

However, I’m a stubborn soul and had previously signed up to take part in the Barnstaple half marathon. My husband kindly looked after our toddler on Saturday the day before and I spend the whole day on the sofa. With an afternoon nap, which I don’t think I’ve had since before my son was born!

Alarms were set for 6 am and we set off up to North Devon. I was NOT feeling good. I felt exhausted, with no energy. Seeing the 13-mile marker walking into the event. I was filled with dread. I don’t know why I didn’t pull out, watch the other runners and have a nice morning in North Devon.

Instead, I joined the start line (Wearing a mask) and got ready for the off.

I felt knackered! After ten minutes I hit the first mile marker and honestly felt dreadful. It felt hot, It was 18’C and the sun was shining. I was running so I should have been warm but I was cold with chills and goosebumps. I didn’t feel good.

I continued to push on and felt better between miles 2 – 6… By halfway, I started to consume gels, water and jelly babies. My pace, that was already slow. Slowed down even more. I was flagging, but I was not giving up.

I reached mile 10 thinking I could do this! It was only another half an hour running after all.

Mile 11 seemed to appear out of know where but then I could see the new bridge. It looked MILES away. Well, I guess it was. But seeing it so far away I started to struggle. I was digging in now and having another gel at mile 12 to see me across the line.

At mile 12.5 ish there was a casualty from the race laying on the ground. Marshalls were all around and an ambulance was on the way. It reminded me that a half marathon isn’t easy. Even some of the fittest amongst us can have accidents or incidents.

Before I knew it I was heading to the finish line. I could see the finish funnel. The events square. I heard my name called over the speaker system as I crossed the line….. Then things did not go to plan!

I started to get pins and needles in my feet and hands. The next minute I have two paramedics on either side of me taking my shoes off. Telling me the colour was coming back. What just happened??? It would appear that although I was pushing my body to the limit. My body decided it had had enough and was collapsing right there!

After a few minutes on the ground. The paramedics had found my husband, got me water and I was eating cake and feeling much better.

That was my first half marathon in 5 years since having my son. Training with a toddler, with sleepless nights and more bugs than you can shake a stick at is hard. But, that was my 4th half marathon and I’m not put off and looking at what event to sign up to next.

Watch this space. Hopefully, my next half marathon won’t end with me collapsing 😉