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S'Peaky Digital With Joe Turnbull. 5 Ways to Smash Video Marketing in 2022.

S’peaky Digital With Joe Turnbull

Today I was super excited to be attending the second ever Digital Meetup hosted by fellow local digital marketing agency Peaky Digital.

When I say excited. Let me explain. I love digital marketing and all things geekery. But I am a solo worker. I work from home alone. Any excuse to swot up on my knowledge. Meet other geeky marketing people and learn something new is exciting for me.

As many of you know, I regularly attend industry events up country like BrightonSEO. To stay up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends. But to have something less than ten minutes from my front door is a huge win.

The morning started with Joe Turnbull highlighting his 5 ways to Smash Video Marketing in 2022.

5 Ways To Smash Video Marketing In 2022

Now his number 1 tip is to use TikTok! Something that I am still not convinced to try. Even Peaky’s own Natalie Crouch admitted that she thought TikTok was going to be a fad that wasn’t going to come to anything. Yet here we are 6 years since the birth of TikTok with over 8.9 million users using the platform.

Joe’s top tips include –

  • 1 – tiktok

Hop on trends fast to piggy back off of its popularity. If you wait for several layers of sign off before publishing something live. You may well miss the moment.

Your don’t need to be pro. You don’t need to hire a specialist team or equipment to get involved on TikTok. Your phone will be fine! Plus using your phone can be faster than any other method.

TikTok can give social media managers freedom to be more creative and push boundaries that are usually in place on other platforms.

  • 2. It’s not always about sales

I’m SO pleased Joe said this. It’s a message that I give to my clients all the time. No one wants to be sold to constantly and seeing sale, after sale, after sale messaging gets very boring very quickly. It’s all about story.

People want stories not sales. People like to be shown what makes you you. The story doesn’t necessarily have to sell your brand but it sells the idea of what you could achieve if you were to embrace the brand and become a part of its story.

Build your brand, engagement and authenticity. When people engage, they might buy your product. Your video doesn’t have to directly promote your product as that wont drive engagement. Those constant ‘buy now’ sales messages will not drive engagement unless the viewer has already engaged with the brand. Whereas sharing something engaging will help you and your audience to connect on a deeper level. It’s these connections that help return sales.

  • 3. Create a video series

Create behind the scenes videos. Show the real people behind the business. Create interview style series. Interviewing guests, peers or clients. Create month in stats videos. Produce regular content with a similar theme. Whether its weekly or monthly. Keep sharing consistantly and you’ll slowly build up following and engagement.

Regularly posting in a series can help you to reach new audiences. Collaborate with other businesses can help you appeal to broader brands that may not know who you are. You can use their audience to boost your audience and working with another brand can benefit both sides.

Regularly sharing videos helps you to stay topical. It gives you constant opportunities to talk about latest talking points in your business and industry.

Lastly share case study videos. Show videos as case studies talking between real customers and the real you. These can be much easier to watch and digest than written testimonials.

  • 4. Master video ads and keep them short and snappy.

Humans now have a lower attention span than a Goldfish! You have even less time to get that engagement on a video before a user has thumb scrolled to the next bit of content. Think short, fast, colourful, stand out content with lots of snappy info.

Again something that I also strongly recommend to my clients and that is to optimise the content for the different social platforms. There is no point creating a landscape image that looks great on Instagram and sharing the exact same version on Twitter.

Remember that different audiences have different requirements. Creating a video for the younger audience of TikTok requires a different approach to creating a video for LinkedIn.

Consistently share. New product launches and offers. But make sure that you add a good call to action. It might be obvious for you what you want your customer to do after watching a video. But make sure that they do the required action by spelling out what you want them to do next.

  • 5. Show your personality.

I’m a bit guilty of showing too much personality on my own profiles. But as Joe says – People are bored of boring! People don’t care about the products and the processes. They want to know why they should work with or buy from you and your brand. Showing your personality gives them another level to connect on rather than just being a customer.

Show behind the scenes, not just a corporate facade. Show the real people behind the business. The values and the ethos makes you more interesting and engaging.

Your brand is exiting, show it off.

I love this and use it A LOT. People buy from people. If I use an online store and have an interaction by e-mail or online chat. I talk to a real human and that is remembered. Putting a name to a brand can really help build those human to human relationships.

I’ll be posting about another session from today shortly by Belinda Sharp from Cornish Marketing Consultancy who discussing the Psychology of marketing human to human.