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Facebook Advertising Campaign Types

Last week, I wrote about how important it is to define a goal when using Facebook marketing. I covered the difference between targetting cold and warm audiences. How to use your customers’ journey to know at what stage to advertise and how growing through remarketing is essential.

This week, I want to discuss what campaign types to use for the greatest return.

I speak a lot about marketing funnels. Facebook advertising breaks down its objectives into three clear sections of a typical marketing funnel to make advertising easier and more successful.

Examples of Facebook campaign objectives

Awareness – Top of the funnel cold audiences.

Consideration – Middle of funnel cold to warm audiences.

Conversion – Bottom of the funnel warm to hot audiences.

If you haven’t defined a strategy for your advertising have a look at last weeks post to get started on Facebook Advertising.

If you’re ready to start advertising, here are my top three favourite objectives to use.

Consideration – Traffic Campaign.

A traffic campaign is a top, to the middle of the funnel objective targeting cold to warm traffic. You can use a traffic campaign to target your blog posts for example.

If you look at the diagram below of a typical customer journey to purchasing shoes. You’ll see that step 4 is when the customer reads a blog post. They are within the cold to warm stage.

Customer user journey focusing on the steps between a cold and warm audience and the ideal places to use remarketing.

Use the traffic objective to become the solution to a customers problem.

Offer enticing titles that engage the user to click through to get more information.

Use strong calls to action.

This format works because you are providing a solution to the users’ problem. Through your advert, you are giving them what they want. Advice to solve that problem.

As you can tell, I LOVE RUNNING, and use many running examples throughout my blog. The below is a great example of a top of the funnel traffic promotion. Asics are sharing a post to gain interaction on the hashtag #SunriseMind. They aren’t selling anything! BUT they are giving something back to the community and helping a charity. Every time someone clicks ‘Learn More’ and engages with the brand, the brand can use that data later on for remarketing. At this stage, they are just driving traffic and not sales.

Asics example of Facebook Advertising.

This is a great example from Brooks. They open by offering a solution. A solution to a painful problem. Chaffing when running. I know this isn’t a traffic ad, but if this ad went to an article about chaffing when running. How to avoid it, how to eradicate it etc. It gets the user into their marketing funnel to retarget later.

Brooks example of Facebook advertising

Consideration – Lead Generation Campaign.

Moving from traffic to securing leads using the examples above. For every user that clicks for more information on chaffing. Or used the hashtag and interacted with Asics Instagram. You can use a remarketing ad for these engaged cold to warm customers to opt in to further marketing to continue to warm them up.

Remember, your potential audience wont just sign up for nothing. You need to give them a reason to sign up, a hook, something in return. This could be anything of value to the particular audience. In this example for two running brands they could offer a PDF download for a training programme. Coach to 5km style. An Ebook on running techniques for beginners. Anything that acts as a hook to get someone to sign up can work well. PDF’s, quizzes, templates, guides, webinars and videos are all great content to give away to potential new customers.

Once you’re potential customer has signed up to your lead generation campaign. You can then use this list of customer data for future advertising and remarketing.

By this stage, you know you’ve warmed up the customer. You’ve met them cold, on a first date through providing them with content. You’ve dated them again through giving them a gift of free information and they’ve exchanged numbers.

Now it’s time to stop dating and pop the question. You want them to buy your product and become a partner, a customer.

Now, it’s time to remarketing to them with your promotional advertising. turning them from a warm to a hot lead.

Consideration – Conversion Campaign.

We are now at the bottom of the funnel. We have squeezed down into a warm audience who have interacted with our brand several times.

We still want to solve the users’ original problem and offer them the solution that they want to buy into. Communicating the values of your product and how it solves their problem can help guide the conversion. i.e Stops chaffing, stops painful feet etc. Include calls to action to drive conversions.

Have a look at this ad from Nike –

Nike Example of Facebook Advertising

This is targeting a warm audience that has engaged with Nike. It is direct and to the point.

‘The next evolution of Air has arrived. Shop Now.

If this ad was showing to a cold audience they would be wasting lots of money. They might be showing to people who don’t even know what ‘airs’ are? and therefore, not going to see this advert, out of the blue and buy the pair of shoes.

Whereas if this advert is retargeting to customers from a database that has in the past previously bought this make and model of shoe. Seeing a simple message to buy the latest version might work as the audience is already warm.

Knowing your audience and knowing your customer journey is important to getting Facebook advertising right.

If you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook and want help getting started defining your audience and your strategy. Contact Amanda White Digital to discuss your unique business and start growing your brand online now.