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My top tips for Facebook advertising

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been talking about Facebook marketing a lot lately.

I’ve covered how defining your goals and audience with Facebook marketing is important to driving a profitable return.

I’ve covered my three favourite types of Facebook ads to use when using Facebook advertising. Now I am wrapping up with my top tips for advertising on Facebook.

1. Utilise the power of retargeting.

My number one tip is to use remarketing throughout every ad. Even if you’re running a top of the funnel cold campaign without remarketing. You want to be able to track your efforts and the data from the ads and use that data for future marketing. You can gain access to this traffic data via installing a file on your website called the Facebook Tracking Pixel.

Even if you are running top of the funnel advertising to a cold audience. You should still think about your audience and who you want to see your ad.

Use Facebook Audience Insights and Google Analytics data to define your audience. Then only show your ads to that audience. This helps you avoid spending money targeting the wrong audience.

2. Lookalike audiences are your best friend.

I can not stress enough how you should be using lookalike audiences. Once you start growing your business and finding your ideal customer. you can use your list of ideal customers to find more people that look like your ideal customer via the powers of Facebook’s algorithms.

You need to have a list of 100 customers that are on Facebook for this to work. Once you have an example of 100 people that buy your brand, product or service. You can then ask Facebook to find people on the whole of Facebook that look like them. You can define how much they lookalike and where they are located.

Facebook audience lookalike generator

You can create lookalike audiences from a variety of sources and the possibilities are endless. Use the huge potential of Facebook’s network of users to tap into those that match the ones you want to reach.

Creating custom audiences in Facebook

Use the data from the bottom of your funnel customers to create lookalike audiences to target top of the funnel users.

3. Test, Test, Test

The possibilities are endless when it comes to testing. It’s important to only test one element at a time to enable you to understand which element is working.

You can test things like different images, different copy, different calls to action and different audiences. Then take time to find your sweet spot.

Regular advertising and regular tweaks can help you find what works for you, your brand and your customers. Remember every business is different and what works for one might not work for another.

If you want to get started with Facebook advertising and struggling to know where to begin. Want help with adding Facebook pixels to your website and want someone to help you set up to succeed. Get in touch with Amanda White Digital. Start growing your business via the powers of Facebook advertising now.