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Link Building for SEO

Link Building For SEO

What is Link building for SEO? When I talk about SEO I tend to mention the three elements that pave the way to succeed in SEO. You need to work on all three of these for your SEO to be a success and to drive positive results. Focussing on just one area won’t be a strong enough strategy to see continued growth.

What are the three pillars of good SEO?

  • Technical SEO – This is my favourite area of SEO. This is making sure that the foundations are in place before we start to grow. When I work with a client this involves starting with an SEO audit. This evaluates the technical ability for a website to be found by search engines. It looks at whether the pages can be indexed. It looks at the meta data and meta titles. It looks at the speed of the website. The alt tags used on images. It looks at error pages 404’s and redirect pages – 301’s. Making sure the website has the ability to be found is the first step to getting found.
  • Content – Making sure you have the right words on your pages is hugely important. Make sure you are writing the content that your audience wants to read. Right for them. NOT search engines. Yes it’s good to look at search volumes to work out what topics and terms are popular. Yes it’s worth looking at gaps in the market to write about. But unless the content resonates with your audience there is no point publishing it.
  • Link Building – Although link building has been up and down over the years. In my opinion link building is still one of the most important elements in good SEO. Links are seen as a vote of popularity. The more votes or links pointing to your website. The more populate the search engines will deem your website and the higher up the search results pages you can be found. However, it’s not just a quantity over quality exercise. You could build thousands of links on terrible value, poor quality websites and this will be no help to you at all. They need to be real links offering real value to the users that click on the links and follow them to your website.

Here’s some recent links build for my own brand. Including highly sort after links on top publishers like The Independent.

I build links naturally and ethically. I never pay for links or buy links trying to game the system. But instead I communicate, I network I help and it doesn’t take long before I’m being quoted online and those all important links are naturally growing online.

Here’s some examples of naturally built backlinks to my own website.

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If you’re looking for link building services to increase your positive SEO. Then please do get in touch.