PPC Competitor Analysis? - Amanda White Digital
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PPC Competitor Analysis?

Knowing what your competitors are doing on both PPC and SEO can be really interesting, it can also be really helpful, but be careful not to spend your life chasing your competitors and what their doing and loose sight of what your business is doing.

When it comes to PPC, you might want to know what keywords your competitors are bidding on and whether they are getting traffic on keyword terms that you are not using?

One of the most common questions I get asked is,

“How much are my competitors spending compared to me?”

Although it sounds like a useful question to ask and there is information available out there to help you roughly determine this. I would always advise you not to worry too much about your competitors budgets.

Your competitor may well be spending twice as much money as you are, but they might have half the conversion rate and be wasting a lot more.

Concentrate on your own account, your own traffic, your own conversion rates and your own goals and return on investment to measure success and only ever use competitor analysis metrics loosely.

Do you know who your PPC competitors are?

Within Auction insights in your Adwords account, you can access data to see who your exact PPC competitors are. How often your competitors receive impressions, when you do and how often you overlap each other and how often you or your competitor appears at the top of the page.

Finding out who your competitors are and keeping monthly statistics can be a really useful insight to see competitors come and go. You can see if a new competitor has entered the market and you can understand if your performance might be affected due to one of your competitors.

Although this information can be useful, don’t spend too much time focussing on your competitors and loose sight of what really matters. Your business.

If you want to increase traffic to your business, increase leads and revenue from targeted PPC, get in touch with Amanda to discuss how PPC can help.