Should I bid on PPC Terms, that I already rank well for via Organic results? - Amanda White Digital
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Should I bid on PPC Terms, that I already rank well for via Organic results?

I often get asked whether I would recommend doing PPC around keyword terms that a client already ranks for Organically.

If you’re already ranking Organically for a keyword and getting free traffic. Should you then pay to bid on that same keyword via PPC or is that a waste of money?

I recommend dominating a keyword search term if you have the ability to do so. If you rank well via Organic results, even in position 1. Bumping any competition down the results page by ranking on top of the paid listings, can give you an advantage. It also stops another competitor from appearing in the top three paid spots above your Organic listing.

Oak Furniture Land Bidding on their ownBrand name.

If you bid on keyword terms that you rank for Organically, you can reassure users that your brand is the one to click on. The one that will provide the users with the best answer to their search query.

There is a thought within marketing, that users that see a brand that is advertising, think that the brand must be doing well. A brand is seen to be successful if it can afford to advertise. Therefore, a safe place to spend their money.

Using PPC when you are already successful on SEO gives you double the chance of getting a click. This reaffirms your position at the top of the page. Running PPC alongside your already well-ranked SEO keywords creates a sense of prominence and trust.
Succeeding in both makes you appear more credible and can increase your click-through rates to both.

Conclusion – I would always recommend bidding on keywords that you rank highly for organically if you have the budget and ability to do so.

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